Peticare Horse and Dog Care

Peticare® animal care for horses and dogs is a highly effective product range for the treatment of various, age-old horse and dog’s ailments. Its success is due to the Peticare® Release System (PRS) which is a highly innovative molecular technological care system for animals.

The PRS system is what makes Peticare® animal care product range more effective in comparison with other products.

How the peticare® Release System (PRS) works:

All active ingredients in the Peticare® animal care products are technologically embedded into a nano scale structure. More specifically, this means that the active ingredients are embedded into a small matrix of approximately 0.000070 mm to 0.000200 mm.

This means that the benefit of each of the active ingredients are embedded in such a way that a maximum synergy effect - as well as a maximum antimicrobial and antibacterial result - can occur.

Long term depot effect - the key to long lasting, highly effective treatments.

The Peticare animal care product range largely owes its success to the long-term depot effect which is only possible through the matrix system. The matrix system makes it possible to release the active ingredients slowly and steadily over a period of up to 24 hours.

This method promotes optimum disinfection and healing.